Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Finds: Miniskirts

The miniskirt is perhaps the most dangerous article of clothing due to its inherent sexiness. Poor fit, wrong length or pairing with a too-tight top or too-high heels and you look like you belong on "Flavor of Love." Inspired by the latest incarnation of this show, "Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School," my latest bad TV obsession, today's post will cover the 10 commandments of miniskirts.

Commandment 1: Check Thy Fit
When shopping for a mini, make sure that you can walk, sit, bend down and move comfortably in it without fear of showing your butt. It might look great when you're standing still, but if you find yourself pulling at it every time you take a step or sit down, you'll want a longer, looser skirt.

Commandment 2: Thou Shall Pair Tight With Loose
If your skirt is fairly fitted to your body, like the one below, you'll want to pair it with a longer, more billowy top, like this or this.

Proenza Schouler Dobby Stripe Miniskirt, Target, $12.49

The inverse goes for a less fitted skirt, like this one. By balancing tight with loose, you draw attention to one part of your body, but without looking desperate for attention.

Patrick Robinson Paperbag Waist Skirt, Target, $29.99

Commandment 3: Be Conscious of Thine Positioning
If you're the type of person who is used to wearing pants and sitting with your legs apart, you might find yourself exposing more than you'd hoped when you put on that mini. When sitting down, crossing legs or getting in and out of cars, it's especially important to make sure your legs stay together. And it's always a good bet to wear fairly conservative underwear with a mini, just in case (despite what Britney, Lindsay and friends may say, underwear is not optional).

Commandment 4: Be Not Afraid of Leggings
A lot of women who are self-conscious about their thighs may be afraid to wear a skirt shorter than knee length, but by pairing a mini with leggings, you can get the same look without exposing a lot of skin. Leggings are really in style anyway, and there are a lot of great slimming styles on the market. I love Spanx's footless leggings, but their sister brand Assets by Sara Blakely offers a very similar pair for half the price.

BDG Twill Mini, Urban Outfitters, $39.00

Commandment 5: Keep Thine Heels Modest
I think it's best to stick to flats or low heels when wearing a tight mini because you're already showing a lot of leg, but with looser or longer styles, some heel is alright. Stay away from super sexy heels, or anything reminiscent of stripper shoes.

Commandment 6: Watch Thy Shirt Length
Pairing a mini with a long top is very flattering, but make sure you've got at least a couple of inches of skirt showing, so there's no question that you're wearing something below that top. Tops that hit your hip or a little below look great, and you'll still be able to show off the skirt.

Commandment 7: Know What Flatters Thy Body
If you've got wider hips and thighs, A-line minis will be the most forgiving. If you've got a boyish body and are trying to add curves, go with a style that's more fitted to your thighs. Details like pockets or prints will also add shape.

Mossimo Tie-Back Skirt with front pockets, Target, $14.99

J.Crew Anchor Mini, $69.50

Commandment 8: Use Color To Thine Advantage
The old adage about dark colors being slimming applies to minis really well. Wear light colors on the part of your body you want to highlight, and dark colors where you'd like to look thinner.

Ann Taylor LOFT Dusk Wash Denim Miniskirt, $39.00

Nick & Mo Tab Front Skirt, Nordstrom, $42.00

Commandment 9: Do Not Wear Thine Mini To Work
Unless you work in a very casual or creative line of work, it's probably best to save your minis for your days off.

Commandment 10: Wear Thine Mini With Confidence
If you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable showing off your legs, other people are going to notice it as well. Walk with your head held high and feel good about your body (or at least pretend to). Confidence is sexy, so as they say, "if you've got it, flaunt it!"


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Hey Meg,

Accept my applause...wonderful 10 commandments....very insightful and helpful, thanks again for sharing.

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Emma said...

Excellent blog. I, a relatively large-thighed girl, always have trouble with miniskirts- I end up frantically pulling them down over my legs with my eyes cast down at the sidewalk, wishing somebody would throw me a burka. This post was v. helpful.
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