Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

The U.K. Daily Mail fashion writer Kathryn Knight spends a few days in Victoria's Beckham's shoes (literally) to find answers to the question "how does Posh manage to live her life within the confines of her wardrobe?". It's a hilarious read, brought to us by Jezebel.

I couldn't agree more with Fashionista's complaints about good stores (Theory, Anthropologie) with nice but completely over-priced clothes.

The Budget Fashionista has great advice on where to find real discount designer clothes and accessories online.

The Beauty Brains break the news that color-conserving shampoos and conditioners don't actually do that much.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Aruek said...

Hi Meg,
I have a question about measuring the width of my hips. My body nips in at my waist and then gets wider around my navel- I've always thought that part was my hips amd it's where I would put my hands when I think I'm putting them on my hips. However, my body then dips back in a bit at the very top of my legs and then curves back out at the top of my thighs (this is making me sound very lumpy but I'm not very curvy on the bottom-neither measurement gives me a very large hip measurement). Sometimes when I look at guides for how to measure your hips, it looks like that lower outer curve is actually my hips, though that measurement goes around my butt as well. Which "widest part" should I be using for measuring my hips?
Thanks and keep up the great work!

Meg said...

Hey Aruek,

To be honest, I don't really know myself. My body is the same way, and I would guess that it's the lower curve, since that is the widest part. I wish I had a better answer to your question, but my advice would be to ask a seamstress or tailor, or anyone you know who sews.