Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reader Question: Covering Tattoos

I recently received the following e-mail from Adriana regarding products that cover up tattoos:

Hey Meg,

Hope all is well. I have a quick question for you. I am looking for a product to cover tattoos, like a foundation but more lasting and better coverage. I've heard some people recommend Dermablend, but I don't know anything about it. I read about one that a magazine tested and gave a great review about a year ago and of course can't find the article now. If you or fellow readers have any suggestions, I would gladly take them!



I went through a phase in high school where I was determined to get a tattoo upon turning 18, something really cool and intellectual, like a quotation from my favorite book wrapping around my ankle. Luckily for my parents, who were never too keen on this idea, I lost interest by the time I hit college and decided that it was far more rebellious not to alter my body with tattoos or piercings, at least at Smith College. Plus, I had to admit that while tattoos totally "work" on certain people, I am unfortunately not one of them. I'm just not cool enough.

Because I don't have the first hand experience, I thought I'd pass Adriana's question onto you guys. Anyone have recommendations for a concealer that's heavy enough to cover tattoos?


Erin said...

Dermablend is really great to cover tattoos. Try the Leg and Body Cover Creme.

You can also try Cover FX. (On the site, click on Medical conditions and then Conditions and Solutions, and you will find info on tattoo covering there).

Good luck! ;)

Morgan said...

Recently I went shopping for my first ever concealer at Nordstrom and I ended up at the MAC counter. I had heard great things about their Studio Finish concealer, the one that comes in the little pot, and I wanted to try it out. The sales lady seemed to think that was ridiculous, and shook her head, saying it was too heavy for needs, as it is used to cover birthmarks and tattoos. From the looks of it, I imagine it would work pretty good on a small tattoo. I've never tried it myself, but thats what she said, thought I'd pass it along...

Corey Doyle said...

I don't know how it works but I have seen this all over when I've been shopping for my wedding. It's at David's Bridal and about every bridal store on earth it seems.


Linda said...

Dermablend is the industry monolith with regards to heavy-duty coverage.I believe you can find it at select CVS stores underneath the La Roche Posay selection.

Amazing Cosmetics has a concealer called (surprisingly) Amazing Concealer, which retails for $40 at Sephora. It's very heavy duty, so not great for the face, but it should work well for tattoos.

If nothing works, a large bracelet or silk scarf used as an armband might work, depending on where the tattoo is.


Adriana said...

Thank you!! I actually have 2 I need to cover, one between my shoulder blades and another on my left shoulder, both are fairly large and 99% of the time covered, but I need a way to cover them for a friend's wedding. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Sara Darling said...

If you haven't already found a solution that works for you, I'd suggest stopping in at your local costume shop (or, even better, theatrical supply) -- theatrical makeup can cover tats. If your tattoos are black, there's a yellow corrector that helps really make them invisible (it's still good to put fleshtone makeup on top of course) -- if there's color, a good application of theatrical makeup (set with powder) should still do the trick. Theatrical makeup doesn't usually look as natural upon super-close inspection, but it looks pretty good and is a lot cheaper than more make-up-y makeup -- so good if this is something you only want to do for special occasions.