Monday, July 30, 2007

Road Tripping

Last Friday was the last day of my internship, and seeing as CosmoGirl wasn't too keen on the idea of paying for my housing for an additional week while I hung around New York City, I had to drive back to Michigan yesterday. It was sad to say goodbye to the city and my friends and co-workers, but it felt good to be going home. I made it home in time to catch the end of a family reunion at my aunt's house, and between the 11 hours of driving and the 4 hours with extended family members I haven't seen since the old days, my brain is a tad fried.

If you've ever driven by yourself for longer than 8 hours, particularly through the Midwest, you know what it feels like to reach that point where you're kind of high from the monotony of driving, and the most random thoughts pop into your head and sound absolutely brilliant and everything that's not brilliant is hysterically funny. Around hour 9 of the trip, I jotted down the following ideas on a Post-It with the intention of forming them into a really great post for today. Hindsight is 20/20, but I thought these were humorous enough to share with you all.

Idea #1

Amy Winehouse totally looks like the lovechild of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange!

My apologies to those of you who aren't Harry Potter fans. I sympathize with everyone who's in the "it's a children's book, idiots!" camp and wish I could be laughing with you at all the lemmings, but... I was sucked in and couldn't stop myself from ordering Deathly Hollows the day it was released!

Idea #2

Isn't it funny that Kelly Clarkson's latest hit is called "Sober" and Carrie Underwood's is called "Wasted?" Isn't it a coincidence that during the season of upbeat hits, we've got two songs about alcoholics trying to quit drinking? Then again, if I had to pretend to like Ryan Seacrest 3 nights a week for 6 months, I'd probably hit the bottle too.

Idea #3

Is Eve the new Gwen? While no one will ever interfere with my adoration for Gwen Stefani and her amazing sense of style, I am loving Eve's latest look in the "Tambourine" video (not to mention the song). I had ignored all those annoying press releases from MAC about what products Eve wore in the video and which are her favorite, blah blah blah, but after listening to the song at least 7 times during the drive, I broke down and watched it when I got home. Sure, it's a 3 minute commercial for MAC, but it's a damn beautiful commercial, and Eve (makeup, fashion, everything) looks incredible. You can watch the full video here. Just one warning: it's frighteningly catchy, so expect to be humming the song all day.

I promise I'll be back tomorrow, complete with intelligent, coherent thoughts and arguments on important issues concerning womankind everywhere. If nothing else, this exercise has taught me that I should probably focus more on my driving, and less on capturing my genius thoughts on paper when I'm sleep-deprived and stuck in traffic on the Ohio Turnpike. Happy Monday!


Kori said...

HA you're so right about the Amy Winehouse thing!

Rachelle said...

Yes, the Amy Winehouse observation=brilliance! How did I not see it before?!

-S said...

hahaha. amy winehouse observation = A++. i have yet to hear one of her songs, but i can point her out in a crowd.

Gwen said...

Amy Winehouse has that song "Rehab" that is kind of cute. I usually don't seek out "how a celebrity looks" in the case of singers so it comes as a shock!