Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

A reader sent me a link to this Wired article on what's inside a bottle of L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze self-tanner. I'm slowly but surely trying to learn what cosmetic chemicals do what, and this provides a full breakdown. Thanks, Stephen (and Stephen's girlfriend)!

Capitol Hill Barbie is loving sheer lipstick for summer.

I'm already a fan of the latest blog in the Manolo empire, Manolo for the Big Girl. It's a fun, interesting read for any woman of any size and I'm glad to see that someone is finally taking fashion for plus-size women seriously.

And finally, The New York Times has an interesting article on blaming mothers (Dina Lohan, Lynn Spears, Kathy Hilton, etc) for their celebrity children's outrageous behavior.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Plumcake said...


Thanks for the shout out, and how flawless are you in your fated blue dress?!

ALL THE BEST said...

I just found your wonderful blog. I love your writing, very fresh and honest. Keep up the great work.