Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Finds: Wide Leg Jeans

At the top of my must-have list for my next shopping excursion is a pair of wide leg jeans. I'm normally not one to jump on each new season's trends, but unlike last year's skinny jeans, these are flattering on regular women as well as supermodels, and they're cute and comfortable to boot. But as Jessica, Micha and so many celebs have taught us, the key to looking good in this style is avoiding a high-waist cut and detailing on the thigh, which gives these size 2 starlets huge hips. One rule I like to live by is that if an outfit makes a celeb look fat, I will look like a whale in the same style.

I'm looking out for pairs with a low rise (not super low, but just at my hips), with no pockets or ruching on the front (the back is another story, I'll take all the help I can get there!). I find that slit pockets often make my hips look wider when they're not perfectly flat, so if I buy a pair witht hose, I'll take them to the tailor to get them sewn down.

One style I really like is the trouser cut, which is especially flattering with a wide hem and slimming crease down each leg. They're also a good addition to any wardrobe as a dressier alternative to normal jeans, since they're neater and more formal than a non-trouser style.

Here are a few of my favorite wide leg and trouser style jeans, for less than $70.

Roxy "Kalani" Stretch Trouser Jeans, from Nordstrom, $37.90

Wardrobe Stretch Denim Trousers, from Nordstrom, $68.00

Kat Boot Cut Jean, from Forever 21, $22.00

Fire 'Hillary' Wide Leg Pants, from Nordstrom, $42.00

Shopbop also had a ton of gorgeous styles, and while they're out of the price range I normally feature, they were too beautiful to ignore.

James Jeans Dry Aged Denim, from Shopbop, $133

J Brand Kat Wide Leg Jeans, from ShopBop, $218

Serfontaine Sailor 4-Way Stretch Wide Leg Jeans, from ShopBop, $209

Anlo Alex Jean, from Shopbop, $198

Habitual Icon Side Zip Wide Leg Jean, from Shopbop, $198


Anonymous said...

I believe those pics of Ms. Simpson and Ms. Barton were fugged, if I recall correctly!

Definitely go with the low-waisted cut!

I have a pair for work (dark grey) that are awesome. Jacob - a Canadian company, not sure if they are in the US - has been carrying this style or variations of it for a few years now and it's very flattering.



Kristin said...

As I'm a tall (and healthy sized) girl, I love the fall wide leg trend. Love it.

Gap has some nice pairs, as does Old Navy. By far, my very favorite pair of jeans from last year were wide leg pants from the Gap Outlet. And I'm always looking for more pairs.

A Spot of Fashion from the said...

definitly love your blog, i come here for inspiration and i have to say that you're fabulous. i read your tips for new bloggers and id love for you to veiw my blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. You will look like a sixth grader minus the glitter. Those are seriously ugly jeans, just wear bootcut.

G.G. said...

Great finds! I have the Habituals, love them :)

dianabobar said...

the do fit more women than the skinny ones!

Icy said...

I love the high waisted/wide legged look. 1, 2 & 3 are lovely examples, but the others look like boot legged or flared to me. If they come into the knee and then out again they fall into the second category.

Katie said...

i just got a pair of these and really love them:

i think the color makes them more like "trousers" and less like those awful tent-ish jnco jeans that all the (bad) boys wore in like 6th grade. and they have really cute stitching and buttons too! now i just need to stock up on more tight-fitted tops to wear with them (my closet is filled with flowier tops from wearing with skinny jeans!)

Anonymous said...

I love these higher waisted, wide legged denim. I bought two pairs - one from Seven for all mankind in the jacqueline style and the others were citizens of humanity in the Hutton style in Sunset Beach wash. The first is dressier and the second is more casual. In any event, you will not look like either celebrities. It totally gets rid of any muffin top and it isn't so high waisted that you'll feel like pee wee herman.