Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Finds: Belts

One of my favorite fall trends is a move away from the infantalizing babydoll and trapeze dresses and a push toward more structured, tailored, grown-up outfits, as documented in this recent Wall Street Journal article. Designers seem to be recognizing that women want to embrace their adulthood, despite the cultural push toward rewarding women who look and act like teenagers (hello, Hollywood). Grown up dressing doesn't have to be boring or aging, and I find the emphasis on highlighting a woman's curves as opposed to shrouding them in yards of shapeless fabric is empowering as well as flattering.

Like most women my age, I won't be rushing to stores to invest in hats and full length gloves (glamorous as I find both of those pieces), but I like the idea of tailored dresses and coats, pencil skirts and just about anything that can be belted at the waist. It's amazing how much one small piece of leather can do to pull an outfit together and elevate it to a "look." Belts (particularly the skinny variety) were huge at New York Fashion Week this year, so expect to see them even more as spring rolls around.

I've seen a lot of fun, interesting belts in stores this season. Here are a few of my favorites:

Goldmine Belt, Urban Outfitters, $12.00

Shaped Leather Belt, The Gap, $24.99

Roma Skinny Belt with Covered Buckle, from Nordstrom, $48.00

Wide Herringbone Belt, Old Navy, $16.50

Shell Buckle Stretch Belt, from Urban Outfitters, $24.00

Wide Faux-Suede Belt, Old Navy, $16.50

Skinny Patent Leather Belt, Gap, $19.50

Where do you buy your belts?


NeverHector said...

For everyday belts, I'll get them where ever I can find them cheapest (usually I borrow from friends ;-)). If I need something nice though I usually will go to a higher end department store. There is a Lord & Taylor near my house which is a life saver sometimes. It's great for all those accessories!

Teresa said...

I don't really think I've ever bought a belt in the same place twice. Wherever I can find something basic on clearance. I'm not thrilled with the return of the super-skinny belt as they make anyone who lacks a defined waist look like they've wrapped a twist tie around themselves.