Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Finds: Trench Coats

Dear Meg, I'm going abroad to London for a semester, and I want to look chic and sharp. One thing I'm particularly concerned about is having a good trenchcoat that is both stylish and at least rain resistant. Do you have any suggestions (where to look, specific ideas)? I love colors, esp. red. Your style is totally classy and often extremely affordable, and I admire it a lot, so I would love your advice. Thanks so much!

I'm so jealous that you're studying abroad in London, but you're smart to do your shopping now, what with the harsh exchange rate and all. As I've mentioned before, I'm a self-described trench coat addict so I was more than happy to dig up a handful of stylish, affordable trenches. One thing I did notice was that the trenches are more conservative than in past seasons (if you saw my post on trenches in April, there were lots of patterns and bright colors) but a few of these come in colors other than basic beige and black. Bebe has a lot of trench styles in bright pinks, reds, yellows and greens, so I would check out their selection here if you're really looking for colors.

Sateen A-line Trench Coat, from Old Navy, $39.50
(Currently only available in XXL online, but you're likely to have better luck if you visit the store)

London Fog Double-Breasted Trench Coat, from Macy's, $99.98

Bebe Flared Trench Coat, $98.00

Gap Lightweight Trench Coat, $88.00

Via Spiga Double-Breasted Trench Coat, from Lord and Taylor, $103.99

Kenneth Cole Reaction Sand-Stitched Cotton Trench Coat, from Bluefly, $110.00


Anonymous said...

I have a very similar London Fog double-breasted trench coat, purchased from Macy's several years ago. It might even be the same model. (Mine is from the London Fog Manhattan line.)

It's very satiny and sheeny and shiny, and the lines are very sleek and classic, but it's only good for COLD rainy days, as it is very, very warm. It isn't exactly waterproof, but my clothes underneath have never gotten wet in rainshowers. I work in NYC and do a lot of walking, so I get a lot of use out of it in late fall/winter/early spring.

It's sized in "misses" sizing, not juniors, and I found the fit was very true to size. I'd totally buy it again.

Teek said...

Beware the satin trench at Bebe - probably the least practical coat ever for a rainy climate.

There's also this military style trench, available in black, navy and red, $113:

Or Delia's has a pretty cute one for $59, black, khaki, or red:

Kelly Mahoney said...

That Kenneth Cole is adorable. I love the belted jacket look.

nadarine said...

H&M almost always has good trenches coming in for fall- I found a rather nontraditional trench with a hood there, which has lasted for YEARS now. And having a hood means that getting caught without an umbrella is less awful than it could be.

G.G. said...

London can get REALLY wet and bone-chillingly cold in the autumn and winter. I'd suggest the Kenneth Cole raincoat trench on sale at Bluefly. Not only is it water resistant, but it also has a quilted lining to keep you warm, and it's pretty timeless in styling.

Kenneth Cole Trench at Bluefly

Anne said...

teek, careful when suggesting tulle stuff, I just attempted to order two coats from them and they run VERY small. Like, I can't put on any of the coats I ordered because my shoulders are apparently just too massive.

Susan said...

The best part about this kind of coat is how little they change from year to year. I spent $40 on one from Old Navy (very similar to the one pictured, though mine has a belt) several years ago while I was in undergrad, and it still looks great, but spending a little more wouldn't bother me either because I know I could get enough wear out of it to really be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg,

Thanks SO much. This was incredibly helpful -- I love all of these! You have fantastic taste.