Friday, September 21, 2007

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Fall 2007 Collection

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Target's clothes, particularly their Isaac Mizrahi and GO! International lines. I feel no shame or embarrassment admitting that my bag, coat or skirt is from a discount store, but instead feel a sense of pride in being able to pull off an expensive look for a small amount of money. A couple of months ago, Target released a lookbook for Isaac Mizrahi's Fall 2007 collection, and I fell in love with many of the sophisticated but still youthful outfits.

Unfortunately, Target doesn't release entire collections at once online or in their stores, so while about 50% of the collection can be bought now, I'm not sure when the rest will become available. There's no guarantee that any of these pieces featured on their website will actually be in your local store, and I've seen many items in my store that weren't online (the gorgeous handbag collection being the prime example).

If you haven't made it over to Target in a while, I'd highly recommend a trip, because they're offering a lot of beautiful pieces this season. Here are a few of my favorites that are available online:

Bell-Sleeve Cashmere Sweater, $49.99

Box Pleated Jacket, $49.99

Clutch, $14.99

Cashmere Cable Cardigan, $49.99

Frame Handbag, $26.99

Kacy Tailored Pumps, $26.99

Shawl-Collar Cashmere Sweater, Online-only, $89.99

Mary Jane Pumps, $26.99


Anonymous said...

I find it frustrating that even items in their online ads aren't available for sale. There's a great dark brown w/acid green trim dress in their ads right now (that says Mizrahi), and it's not in this lookbook nor anywhere else I can find...

sparkler said...

I LOVE the Isaac for Target clothes. They fit so well and I love the bright colors and styles! I'm looking forward to the Alice Temperley line, too.

And I'm with you on taking pride in shopping discount. I love getting compliments and saying, "I got this for ten bucks!"

Kelly Mahoney said...

I love the clutch.

Kimmi said...

I have the clutch; it's been out for a couple of years. It's not worth the $15, because it doesn't hold very much, the material is undeniably cheap, and the construction lasts for only a few months. Mine is currently super glued together. I'd suggest saving your money and splurging on a quality hinged-wallet, if that's the look you're after.

catherine said...

I went in to target the other day and was shocked at their purse was truly lovely! I used to buy bags at target all the time, but a couple of years ago I switched to charlotte russe for quirky cheap bags. I'm excited to have more options again!

laura said...

I tried those shoes yesterday and found them fit my feet (narrow, size 8.5) very oddly. I generally do have trouble with discount shoes because of size, but there was no way I could wear these, which was sad.

The bags ARE lovely!

I like the ponte knit pieces a lot (I dress business casual-- ponte knits are PERFECT for adding a jacket and the authority of a suit look without being too dressy) but they didn't have any mid-sizes (6, 8, 10) only larger sizes and 2s.

WendyB said...

I was looking at the cashmere sweaters online but they had such bad reviews! What do people here think?

Elizabeth said...

I have a strict policy against buying Target stuff online, based on my time as a former Target employee (dark days). I still love their stuff, and the prices, but there are things you have to watch out for and won't let you. A few things I learned at the customer service desk:
1) Sizing can be crazy; sometimes even in the same line. I think it was Missoni that had red or black tags; red means it's slightly larger than normal (about a half-size) black means smaller than normal.
2) Don't assume you can always return online purchases at the store, one of the things we were told that I never understood is that Target and are actually 2 different companies. Target will take .com stuff if the store is selling it, but they don't have to.
3) Quality varies a lot. Even in the store you have to poke and prod to make sure you don't have something damaged. Feel up the sweaters and shirts to see how thick they are, and check inside for loose threads.
Oh-- and if you're a good seamstress, look for missing buttons. If you find one, head to the customer service desk and if you're lucky you can get 10% off for a damaged item.
4) The colors online can vary from how the dress really looks. That complaint shows up often enough that it's probably not just people with incorrectly adjusted monitors.

That said, I've had that clutch in black for a long time and I love it; have loved it for a year with no wear and tear. The trick is that you can't put more than cash and a few cards, or you'll stress the hinge and wreck the wallet like kimmi warned. Final warning: the brown one is hot pink on the inside.

Love the Alice Temperley stuff, but I'm saving my money for the Jovovich & Hawk line I heard is on its way!

Katia said...

wendyb: I just received the Isaac Mizrahi cashemere sweater I ordered online (this one). I'm going to return it. The feel of the fabric is horrible. I'd never guess it to be cashmere -- it feels more like cheap virgin wool. It's also very thin, so it would probably need a camisole underneath it to make it work.

WendyB said...

Oh, thank you, Katia. That's what a lot of people were complaining about -- itchy fabric! I will definite avoid it now. Too bad, eh?

sara said...

Thanks for the warning about the wallet! ;D