Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trip to Gap Body

A while back, I wrote a post asking for underwear recommendations from readers and the response was fantastic. I looked at all of the brands and styles that were mentioned in the comments and decided to take a trip to Gap Body to check out their offerings, which many people rated highly for looks, price and comfort.

Initially, I went to the Gap in my local mall, not knowing whether they carried the underwear, and found out that Gap Body is a separate store with sleepwear, underwear and bras and swimwear that isn't stocked in normal Gap stores. I guess I had a vague idea that Gap sold this stuff, but never having seen it in person, I hadn't given it much thought. The Gap Body stores aren't nearly as common as the regular Gap's- there are only 3 such stores in the entire state of Michigan- but luckily it's all available online.

A few days ago I visited the store closest to me to try on some underwear, though I was quickly distracted by their clothes. It doesn't bode well for Gap that their Body collections are way, way cuter than their regular line. It was all very practical and comfortable, but feminine and attractive. Also, the quality seemed higher than that of the regular Gap clothes. I'm not lacking in pajamas, but I did want to stock up on a few more gym clothes, and had a hard time choosing. I ended up with a pair of basic stretch pants and a pair of capris, which were both reasonably priced and well made.

After my detour in the exercise department, I went back to the mission at hand. I made my way to the underwear section and felt a little overwhelmed by the number of styles. I hadn't expected the Gap to rival Victoria's Secret in variety, but they have an impressive selection. I focused in on the ultra low cotton hipster style, a cotton pair with a wide lace band and the ultra low ultra smooth cheeky style, a seamless stretch nylon pair. I took a look at the all-lace styles that many of you recommended as a cheaper alternative to Hanky Panky's, but I decided the cotton would probably be softer and more comfortable, and the hipster pair I tried did have a lace band. I also wanted to try the mesh styles, which looked great on the website, but decided against it when they weren't as soft as they appeared.

I was impressed by both pairs, though trying them on over my own underwear didn't give me the most accurate impression of how they'd really feel. I decided I liked the cotton and lace pair, because it was prettier and I tend to prefer cotton for its breathability.

The cotton hipsters normally run for $10.50 a pair (more than I'd pay for a pair of underwear) but were on sale for $6 each if you bought more than four. I loaded up with 8 pairs (choosing colors was difficult, they had a nice selection of "adult" colors, none of this hot pink with neon green polka dot crap that's all over Victoria's Secret) and bought the two workout pants as well.

Not that I'm surprised at all, but everyone who raved about the Gap undies was spot on- they're the most comfortable pair of underwear I've ever owned, they're cute and, amazingly, they don't ride up (even after an hour of aerobics). Great stuff.


RachelH said...

I'm glad you had a good experience!

FYI - their bra selection is also very nice. The T-Shirt bra is my go to for almost any occasion - the underwire is wrapped, the fabric is comfy, the support is good, and the nude color is perfect for going under white blouses (at least on my skin tone).

Bridget said...

I'm glad you found what you were looking for. I was one of the commentors on your original raving about the lace-band thongs. I am now in love with the all-lace girl shorts. They are soft! Anyway, I have since branched into bras, and they are pretty good so far (compared to VS).

Finally, when I had a friends & family coupon about a month ago, I went into a Gap Body store where I "accidentally" bought a few pairs of pajamas. Anything with their "supersoft" label has proved to be, in fact, supersoft.

Kelly Mahoney said...

I would have never thought of the Gap for more than preppy clothes, but I'll have to check it out. I'd certainly pay for a proper fit.

K-Spice said...

And the BEST part is... if you're patient, they OFTEN go on sale for $2-4 PER PAIR!!! I stocked up on these this year... $20 for 8 pairs of undies? Hella yeah! Who really cares if they're last season's colors?? (And their bras ARE really great, too!)

Mrs Fashion said...

Nothing beats a great new pair of knickers!

Anne said...

Yeah last time I was in I got something like 5 for $25 for the low-rise cotton bikini cut. Never pay full price for 'em, they will always go on sale.

M said...

Same thing here. That is how I stock up on decent underwear. One thing though about those undies depicted is that the (rubberband material) lace waist easily becomes frayed and begins to look worn out in a few washes.

Anonymous said...

i wear nordstrom's microfiber bras and thongs almost exclusively. it's as close to having no underwear on as possible. i'd prefer to go bra-free, except that it's not polite. i love having smallish breasts. i just wish my nipples didn't stand at attention all the time.