Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Product Review: Trish McEvoy Lip Color SPF 15

As my friends and family know, I'm often very finicky about the things I put on my body. It annoys me when my clothes don't fit exactly, when my jewelry jangles around and when my makeup feels heavy. This is especially a problem when it comes to lip color.

I'm always conscious of my lips when I'm wearing lipstick or gloss, and I usually spend too much time trying to avoid messing up my makeup. I have a bad habit of rubbing my lips together unconsciously this often results in smearing color onto my teeth. Unlike my beloved lip balms, most glosses and lipsticks taste gross when you accidentally lick your lips or are eating something. It drives me nuts when I'm walking outside and my hair gets stuck to my lips. I hate having to think about reapplying during the night. For a while, I gave up on wearing any lip color because it just seemed to be more trouble than it was worth.

But a couple of weeks ago I decided to break my lipstick/gloss boycott. My senior pictures were coming up and I decided that I did not want my grandchildren looking at my college portrait and saying, "Granny is pretty, but where are her lips?" Still riding high on the success of my earlier concealer and eye liner purchases from the Trish McEvoy counter, I returned to Nordstrom with a list of lipstick or gloss demands for a very understanding sales associate.

"I'm looking for a lip color that is very natural looking but not boring nude, one that will show up in pictures. I need it to last for hours without requiring additional applications. It can't dry my lips out like most stains or longwear lipsticks. And I don't want it to feel heavier, goopier or stickier than a lip balm. Is there anything that meets even most of those qualifications?"

She thought it over for a minute, and brought me a few tubes of the Trish McEvoy Lip Color SPF 15. I hadn't thought to even ask for SPF, so that was a nice surprise. I tried on a few of the "sheer" colors, and had the best luck with Sheer Baby Pink and Sheer Passionfruit. Sheer Baby Pink matched my pale complexion perfectly, a shade that's essentially my lip color but better, while Sheer Passionfruit is slightly more bold, but due to its sheer consistency, still very natural looking.

The product glides on smoothly and feels as light as a balm. All the lip-rubbing in the world won't make it ball up or become gloppy. I found that when I applied multiple coats, the color got stronger, so it's very versatile for days when you want more or less color. It doubles as a lip stain, so even after a night of dinner and drinks, I could still see the color (though it was no longer glossy). It even fades evenly, so you aren't just left with a ring of lipstick around the outside of your lips.

I've also found that these two colors are flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. I did a number of my friends' makeup in preparation for their own senior pictures, and they all gushed over how pretty and natural looking their lips looked. I can't guarantee they'll work on everyone, but the shades complimented the wide variety of my friends' skin tones.

Seeing as this is the third rave review of a Trish McEvoy product, I feel compelled to mention that I have no connection to the company at all (I do, however, receive an affiliate commission whenever a reader buys something from Nordstrom through my blog). I've never received promotional information from them, I don't get discounts on their products and no one has given me free samples. I just stumbled up on the brand on a shopping trip this summer and have been a loyal customer ever since.

Since I'm not a huge lip color collector, if I find a lipstick or gloss that I like, I tend to use it for a long time and rarely buy more than a tube or two a year. For this reason, I wasn't too bothered by the $21 price tag, but I do realize that that is pricey for a lipstick, especially if you're a lipstick addict. But aside from the price, I have nothing but positive things to say about the product, and definitely recommend it to anyone else who hates most lip products.


Abbey said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets picky about the texture of lip product! I don't like stuff that's too gloopy or drying, or that has a weird smell. MAC's lip products are almost all really good, and smell great (they have vanilla in them, they smell like homemade cake icing to me - it's not an icky fake vanilla smell). I have a clear Rimmel lipgloss (I think it's Vinyl Shine or something like that) and it has a really nice feel to it as well (and it's cheap). Clinque's lip products are favourites of mine as well.

I haven't seen Trish McEvoy products around my neck of the woods (I'm in Canada), but I'll have to watch for them next time I'm in the States or in another province.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I know what you mean about looking natural but not boring. I also hate lipsticks that leaves an after taste (they were new too). I had that experience with Laura Mercier (love her foundation though). Anyway, I also love Clinique's Pink Godess. It has shea butter and feels so nice.