Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

Roop Cafe questions why Vogue India placed Australian Caucasian model Gemma Ward on their inaugural cover. Great post by a new blogger (and FGB reader!).

Dahlia Lithwick, legal correspondent for Slate asks why feminist bloggers and writers have been silent on the controversy surrounding the medical student who was given extra time on her state boards in order to pump breast milk.

Think that women in the public eye are judged just as harshly as men on the basis of their looks? New York Magazine breaks down the history of media analysis of Hilary Clinton's appearance.

Beauty Addict
finds that Prescriptives' 24-Hour Longwear Mascara lives up to its name.

Finally, The New York Times reports on the disturbing trend that more women than ever are getting multiple plastic surgery procedures after having childbirth, as a way to regain their pre-baby figure.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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