Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Finds: Target Coats

A couple weeks ago, the night after I posted my Friday Finds about winter coats, I walked into my friend Sidnie's room to find her wearing a gorgeous 50's style hunter green double-breasted wool coat with a rounded collar. It was classic and feminine but the neckline and color really made it stand out (not to mention the fact that it fit her perfectly). The interior was even lined with a pretty green paisley print. I immediately asked her where she found it, expecting her to mention some quirky boutique or pricey department store.

"I found it at Target, and if you can believe it, it was only $50!"

I immediately changed my Saturday plans to fit in a Target run. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to find a large selection of lovely dressier wool coats. The last thing I need is another coat, but I couldn't help but try on a few styles, most of which I was quite impressed with. The construction was solid, the materials of good quality and the price was extremely reasonable. A number of styles come in funkier colors like bright red, blue, green and yellow, and they would really compliment a basic black or brown everyday coat.

There are many more styles available in stores, but here are a few of my favorite Target coats, most for under $50:

Mossimo Long Pleated Wool Coat, $49.99

Merona Wool-Blend Peacoat, $49.99

Mossimo Double-Breasted Jacket, $49.99

Mossimo Belted Long Coat, $59.99

Merona Skirt Coat, $59.99

Mossimo Long Jacket, $49.99

Isaac Mizrahi Double-Breasted Wool Coat, $89.99


lisa said...

Experiencing serious north-of-the-border envy here and wishing a Target would open in Vancouver...

I have a white coat that looks exactly like the green one you posted. It's so cute with a skirt, tights, and boots.

KTS said...

perfect timing -- i love these high-neck styles that are in. I'm always freezing!

Katherine said...

Ah, love it! I just ordered the green one online, but I lust over the colors as well.

Anonymous said...

Under fifty dollars...yes, by one cent, and not if you live in an area with sales tax! Please leave the sensational price lies behind, it makes you sound like a cheap ad.

Anonymous said...

I bought a coat at Target a few years ago. It's green and very vintage looking, only about $50. I get compliments on it all the time. I love it.

Zenobiah said...

Hey anonymous number one! If you are going to be snotty, at least have the courage to leave your name.

Oxanna said...

I popped into a Target and looked through the coats, but I was a little disappointed. Most of them felt rather rough and were wool blends, but still required dry cleaning. It was hard to get past the poor texture, although there were some nice prices. Definitely some fashionable options there though.