Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Product Review: C.O. Bigelow Lemon Collection

I was recently contacted by a P.R. company about trying a few holiday-themed products from Bath and Body Works, and my interest was piqued when they mentioned that C.O. Bigelow would be in the mix. The winter air has been doing all kinds of crazy things to my skin lately, making it impossible to use anything but prescription creams, so I passed on the products to my friend Sidnie to try. Without further ado, I present her beauty blogging debut.

Meg is a kind and thoughtful friend; she buys me fruit jerky, listens to my lamentations about the mystery of men, and gives me useful fashion advice. Imagine my joy when she upped the ante considerably and asked if I would test some products for her. The perks just keep on coming.
For a girl who considers it a splurge to move from the Wet N’ Wild section of CVS to the more “upscale” drugstore brands (Meg recently persuaded me to move to the Olay cleansing cloths because I resembled a raccoon from leftover eye makeup) I jumped at the offer to test out a few C.O. Bigelow products, a beauty brand with a fantastic reputation that I'd never tried.

Meg asked me to try the Bigelow Lemon Blends Hand Treatment and Hand Soap, which promise to be the ULTIMATE (the all-caps was their choice, not mine) in hand care. The hand care regiment promised to leave my hands feeling “renewed, soft and supple” and consist of a “Moisture-Rich” and “Skin-Brightening Formula”. The Lemon Blends come in a variety of combination scents, but I tried Lemon and Pomegranate. I think this combination is perfect for the winter- when you see a variety of lotions and soaps that come in the same holiday variety, like “cranberry”, “pine”, the always nauseating “sugar cookie” and innocuous “winter snow” and “angel kisses” (do those things have a scent?) this seems like a refreshing break from the ordinary for the holiday season especially.

I used the soap right before bed and then dutifully slathered on the lotion, which is pretty light. I prefer the scent of the soap to the lotion; the later smells a little like a Sweet Tart when you first put it on, but the scent quickly fades to a less abrasive and more lightly-sweet scent. I have really dry skin, especially on my hands- by no means “supple”- I also have an oral fixation that could rival anything Freud diagnosed and chew my nails to the quick. I did notice a small difference in the look and feel of my hands, but it certainly wasn't heavy enough to make a real dent in my dryness. In my experience, products that are marketed for their scent rarely outperform the basic, boring Curel and Olay moisturizers.

The skin “brighteners” were not plainly noticeably- I couldn’t have caused a car crash by waving or anything- but I was less plagued by alligator skin after slathering it on. For truly troubled winter skin like mine, one would have to use some sort of hard-core salve, but these products certainly made a perceptible difference and more than anything they are a nice treat.

I am also totally guilty of conspicuous consumerism- the simply chic bottles stamped with “Bigelow” reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecary jars were always a little joy to see peeking out of my cubby in our communal bathroom. They’d be a wonderful stocking stuffer- I immediately thought of my mother who always does dishes by hand- the soap alone would be great to keep next to a kitchen or bathroom sink. They’d also be a really nice hostess gifts- reserved for those you are truly grateful for or are truly trying to impress.

One great thing is that you no longer have to travel to New York to get C.O. Bigelow products, since Bath and Body Works is stocking a lot of their collections. These are a big step up from the regular scented B&BW lines, and it's worth checking out next time you're doing some holiday shopping at the mall.

Next week I'm going to finish my stint as guest poster by reviewing the C.O. Bigelow Soda Fountain Mini Mentha Lip Shine Trio, so be sure to check back!


Zenobiah said...

Great job on reviewing, you should have your own blog or at least try to persuade Meg to write here more often.

Anonymous said...

I see "Bigelow" and "lemon" and all I can think of is tea--hot tea, which I do not want to put on my face (though teabags are good for the eyes).

Anonymous said...

The Bigelow "My Favorite Lip Balm" (not the gross, in my humble opinion, "Mentha Lip Shine") is the hands-down best remedy to chapped lips (and my get terrible) I've ever used.

jami said...

my boss gave me a tube of the Lemon cream body wash and a jar of Lemon body and hand & body cream. She used it this summer and maybe the heat combined with a new lotion (?) made her break out, so she gave it to me this winter. The first thing I did was smell the cream-it reminded me of lemon frosting. But when I put it on my hands, the scent wasn't overpowering, I liked it. My hands were smoother and I couldn't wait to use the body wash. I liked the lather of it and used the cream after the shower-I feel so soft! I like the products because they seem to NOT have mineral oil-which is horrible for your skin, as well as your body-it recognizes it as a hormone-and ups your other hormones to balance out, but the fake hormones dont do what real ones do, so you become unbalanced-maybe in more ways than one! ;-)