Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Product Review: C.O. Bigelow Soda Fountain Mini Mentha Lip Shine Trio

Last week, my good friend Sidnie made her blogging debut after reviewing C.O. Bigelow's Lemon Collection. This week she's following up with a review of the Soda Fountain Mini Mentha Lip Shine Trio, which was provided by Bath and Body Works' P.R. people. Thanks to Sidnie for reviewing, I hope to have her back to give her take on other beauty products in the future!

Over the past few weeks I tested the C.O. Bigelow Mentha lip glosses in milkshake flavors, which come attractively packaged in old-school pharmaceutical. Similar to their line of lemon products, there are a series of milkshake flavors (Vanilla Malt, Strawberry Shake and Double Chocolate) combined with the classic C.O. Bigelow Mentha, the flavor that made them famous. Strawberry and mint might not sound like the most appealing combination, but who am I to turn down free beauty products? You could tell me it's mold-flavored, but slap in a pretty package and I'm all over it.

Over a couple of days, a
plethora of friends tried the lip glosses as they sat in my room or next to me in class (this is how Mono gets spread at women’s colleges). Their response was always the same: “This is for Meg’s blog” I would say (or whisper if we were indeed in class) and they would reply (or whisper) “Oooohh- I would totally buy this." Meg termed the Chocolate an “Andes Mint” and I would have to agree- it tastes so remarkably like chocolate that it made my mouth water and I’m convinced it could be used as a weight loss tool- enjoy chocolate without the pounds. The Vanilla Malt is also very tasty without being overpowering, and was tied with the chocolate for highest ratings. The Strawberry was my least favorite because it was a little too sweet (that fake berry flavor that they use in cosmetics rarely tastes like anything appetizing), but a few of my friends enjoyed it. The glosses are all really invigorating with the backdrop of mint. The consistency is not too sticky and I was happy to find that they don’t dry out into that dreaded winter crusty-lip gloss syndrome. The gloss is high-shine and colorless, so it can be worn on its own or on top of lipstick for an added punch at holiday parties. The lip gloss also doesn’t kiss off-on glasses or anything else, so have that cup of eggnog and then make bad decisions under some mistletoe without fear of losing your gloss (you may lose something else, though).

At $10, this is a great, inexpensive gift for a friend, or you could separate the trio for quasi-friends in combination with a sweet holiday card. Split them up for Jewish friends and have 3/8ths of the Hannukah nights accomplished! Again, this is a great stocking stuffer and an all-around crowd pleaser. I’m planning on buying this for my brother’s girlfriend who is sweet and trendy but who I don’t know that well- I think any gal would be happy to have these little lip glosses as a gift.

These products can now be found online and in stores through Bath and Body Works. I definitely recommend them as a special treat for deserving people in your life- I may even buy one for Meg! The scents and flavors are a fun way to combat the winter elements that make your skin and lips dry and are a gift that will ensure Santa has you in the “nice” list.


MAshley said...

This is off topic, but can you do a post about maintaing the health of your eye area? I'm only 25 and starting to develop wrinkles. I use eye cream at night but nothing in the morning. I don't know if I should be using additional eye cream in the morning and the pressed powder I use to set my concealor draws even more attention to fine lines under my eyes. Should I be using a loose powder instead? And a daytime eye cream? Agggh, to only be Geoge Clooney and get better looking with age...

Happiness is the best make up said...

I don't know if that issue is really a matter of makeup. I would think the upkeep would be more associated with your daily habits. If you're smoking, stop. Sleep more. Rockclimb. Keep smiling and embrace the wrinkles!
At your age you really shouldn't be needing eye cream product, period. But what I do for when I feel kinda elderly is just a light face lotion as my base for anything else.

Anonymous said...

happiness, I agree with you.

wrinkles are primarily controlled by genetics, which sadly, one can't change. changing environmental factors could help - stop smoking, sleep more, eat healthily, and most of all - wear sunscreen! sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging defense.

mashley, do you have normal / dry skin? oilier complexions lend themselves to more elastic skin and fewer wrinkles.