Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekly Links

The Guardian highlights a photographer whose work investigates "modern fashion tribes," showing that people who aspire to look different often end up resembling each other. Via The Thoughtful Dresser.

The New York Times
looks at whether the media holds male and female celebrities to a double standard.

Beauty Addict
shares her expert tips for applying self-tanner.

The New York Times
explores the growing beauty trend of people forgoing shampoo.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


L said...

Do any of you ladies have a tried-and-true dry shampoo? I've been thinking about going this way for a while now, but am a little hesitant. I'm hoping less shampooing will help me create updos more successfully...

Anonymous said...

I think the picture accompanying that article is an unfortunate choice. Her top contains green "fun fur" or something that looks like it's her hair at first!

lisa said...

Hmm I agree with the tricologist that was interviewed in the NY Times article on foregoing shampoo. I've never shampooed daily because I find my hair gets too dry and I wash and blow-dry my hair myself twice a week. After 3 or 4 days though I definitely notice a difference: my hair is greasier and limper. On the other hand, my mom has really dry hair and she only shampoos once a week; you don't even notice a difference in her hair. I guess this whole trend of bucking shampoo works for some hair types and not others.