Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Look Back at 2006: Celeb Fashion, Beauty, and Etiquette

As the year comes to a close, I've grown a bit nostalgic for all the things that have happened in 2006, from my own personal successes and failures to the events that rocked the world (TomKat wedding, anyone?). In today's post, I'd like to look back on a few of the best and worst trends, people and events within the three categories I most discuss here on Faking Good Breeding: fashion, beauty and etiquette. And the awards go to...

Best Fashion Trend of 2006
: Pregnancy is the new black. Move over starving starlets! This year's best dressed group was without a doubt the many pregnant A-listers who made maternity sexy. From Heidi Klum to Gwen Stefani, Marcia Cross to Maggie Gyllenhaal, these women embraced their bulging bellies and expanding cleavage instead of hiding under muumuus, and ended up rocking the red carpet and many best-dressed lists.

Worst Fashion Trend of 2006: Failure to Wear Underwear. It's tough being a starlet. Just ask Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. First, people expect you to like, show up to work on time. Then they get all up in your face when you're caught with a teensy weensy bit of cocaine and forget to eat for 3 months. Next, they want you to sit around the house all day with your two obnoxious babies, when everyone knows a 25 year old hottie should be hitting the clubs every night! There are seriously like 10 gazillion things to worry about, so how can one person be expected to remember to wear panties EVERY SINGLE DAY. Jesus, people, can you try to be a bit more understanding?

Best Beauty Trend of 2006: Pale is the new tan. 2005 was all about the orange glow, where stars such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan inspired the introduction of the term "tanorexic" into the English language. Luckily, like so many other disgusting trends, tanning has gone out of style, as stars recognized that oompa loompa skin was NOT hot and regular women woke up to the dangers of fake baking. Paris and Lindsay have since reformed their tanorexic ways (looking all the better for it) and breakout stars like Anne Hathaway and Bryce Dallas Howard are embracing the look that made Nicole Kidman and Marcia Cross famous. As a pasty girl myself, my fingers are crossed that this trend doesn't go out of style.

Worst Beauty Trend of 2006: Caked-On Makeup. Without a doubt, old Hollywood glamour is back, as stars of all styles are going for dramatic red lips, perfectly arched eyebrows, never-ending lashes and killer cheekbones. Yet for every star that rocked this look, 12 more forgot about the hollywood glamour part and just looked old, with caked-on, ugly makeup. Leading the pack is Christina Aguilera, who like a fine impressionist painting, looks uglier the closer you get, when you begin to notice her inch-thick foundation, clumpy fake eyelashes and painted-on brows. It may have been the release of pictures of Eva Longoria without makeup that led her to go way too far in the other direction, with matronly makeup last seen on the likes of Joan Crawford.

Best Etiquette Trend of 2006: Gay? No big deal. It's not like homosexuality just became acceptable in 2006, but the "outing" of celebs (with no major career ramifications) and the discussion of gay identity on popular television shows suggests that we've come a long way from Ellen Degeneres's infamous Time cover. Doogie Howser (I mean, Neil Patrick Harris) proudly announced to People that he is "a very content gay man", while Grey's Anatomy cutie T.R. Knight stated that "I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me." Former 'N Syncer Lance Bass is often photographed at red carpet events with his partner, Reichen Lehmkuhl. On America's Next Top Model, the announcement by contestant Michelle Babin that she was bisexual wasn't even given the reality tv drama treatment, and on Project Runway, gay and straight designers openly joked about their sexuality. While this certainly doesn't suggest that homophobia is no longer an issue, it's great to know that the media isn't treating homosexuality as such a big deal anymore.

Worst Etiquette Trend of 2006: The racist/anti-semitic tirade. As Michael Richards and Mel Gibson learned, few things can ruin your career and devastate your image more effectively than a long, alcohol and drug-fueled racist or anti-semitic rant (caught on tape, of course). Second only to Borat, these two guys did more than anyone to prove that bigotry is still alive and well in America, but also how socially unacceptable such views are.

Best Dressed Celebrity of 2006: Angelina Jolie. For a woman who once bragged about having sex in the limo on the way to the Oscars (with Billy Bob Thornton, no less), Angelina has definitely cleaned up her act in the past few years. Now in her role as super-mom, one-woman humanitarian machine and half of the hottest Hollywood power couple, Angelina has solidified a personal style that is classy and sophisticated, without losing an ounce of her sexiness. Whether she's running errands in jeans and a t-shirt or walking the red carpet, Angelina always looks fabulous.

Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2006: Britney Spears. Does this come as a shock to anyone? I catalogued her downfall in an earlier post, and I ended on an optimistic note, hoping that all the negative publicity would drive Britney into the arms of a gifted stylist, who could help her rebuild her image. Alas, things have only gone downhill in the few weeks since I wrote the post, and while I didn't know it was possible, Britney has managed to outdo herself with this Frederick's of Hollywood-esque lace number. All I have to say is, "thank god she remembered panties in this one."

So friends, there you have it, my picks for the best and worst in fashion, beauty and etiquette for the year 2006. So much has happened, and I think I can safely speak for all bloggers when I say that I hope that 2007 will have as much drama, excitement and flat-out ugliness as 2006 did. Then again, are celebrities ever boring?

Thanks to ProBlogger for the original idea of doing a trends/year in review post.


Ashish Mohta said...

You are really a celibrity fan.How do you collect those pics.Google or somewhere? Cool post

I also got entry in darrens project.

And i am feeding your blog.There wont be another chance to meet so many bloggers

Rebecca said...

Hi! I got here via ProBlogger. Not usually one to keep up on celebrity stuff, I thought this post was great!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2007!

Nancy said...

I'm right there with you on the pale trend. :)

Gillian Polack said...

I came here from ProBlogger too. And now I'm going to watch all the end-of-year shenanigans on TV with a new eye. I'm watching for caking makeup and pale skin and underwear and listening for all sorts of comments. It promises to be far more fun than passively accepting everything the TV throws at me. Thank you!

Meg said...

Hey everyone! I'm so excited about being part of the Problogger project, it was a lot of fun writing this post and finding new blogs through it. And thank you for all of your nice messages, I'm very flattered. Happy holidays!

Meg said...

Ashish- I get photos through google, imdb and other celebrity blogs such as Go Fug Yourself and Hollywood Rag. Hope this helps!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Yeesh, what is Ms. Spears thinking? She was just named 2006's most controversial celebrity by CNN. I really hope she gets her head out her arse soon, poor thing. I imagine it's not easy growing up in the spotlight, but it's really squirreled Brit and Lindsey Lohan out in orbit.


Mama Duck said...

It's crazy what some people will do for attention!! I'm glad the pasty and pregnant looks are back in LOL. Have a wonderful Christmas & best wishes to you in 2007!

We also participated in this project, stop on by if you get a chance!

olga said...

It is a good thing tan is not a trend any more - natural pale skin looks so much healthier! And that "underwearlessness", what was it all about? Looked like celebrities wanted to show their everything to everyone! Thank God it is not trendy either :) Frankly,I'd prefer shots of some nice designer underwear instead of their "family jewels" :)

Anonymous said...

I thought Eva Longoria looked totally adorable and beautiful in that photo WITHOUT any make-up, the freckles are cute. The one with the caked on make-up on the other-hand was horrible and added a few years to her face.
I'd love to see more fresh-faced celebrities, with minimal/no make-up, but I think Im dreaming, it'll never happen...