Monday, January 15, 2007

What is Faking Good Breeding? Who is Meg?

What is Faking Good Breeding? Why did you create the blog?

I started Faking Good Breeding in October of 2006 when I was frustrated with the lack of web sites and publications that intelligently discuss fashion and beauty products, while relating to the needs and limitations of the average women. The majority of fashion and beauty publications and websites are aspirational, speaking to readers as if they all have size 0 bodies and $1500 to drop on a new purse each season. I saw an opportunity to present a real woman's perspective on fashion, beauty and pop culture, and I thought that blogging would be a lot of fun.

In the beginning, I also focused a lot of etiquette and college life, which is where the title and original tagline "Because You Don't Have To Be Rich To Have Class" came from. Unfortunately, within a few months I ran out of topics to discuss related to etiquette, so I expanded my focus to celebrities, pop culture, and general commentary on topics that affect young women.

Who is Meg?

Originally from suburban Detroit, I am now living the East Coast college life as a senior at Smith College in Northampton, MA. I'm majoring in art history and American studies and looking forward to pursuing a career in advertising. When I'm not blogging, playing with beauty products or reading fashion magazines and celebrity gossip sites (it's research, I swear!), I like to cook for friends and family and try new restaurants (I'm kind of a foodie in training), play minigolf, swim, visit museums and galleries, and take long walks through my favorite cities.

For a longer list of my interests and favorite things, you can check out my official Blogger profile here.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Meg, I really LOVE your website! I'm proud of you and glad that you had the guts to do something different and innovative! I "stumbled" upon your site last week when I was looking for Worst Dressed celebrities on I understand what you were saying about these websites promoting fashions that the everyday woman may not be able to afford. If it's not an issue with money, then most sensible women choose not to spend their money on the item. They may not see it reasonable to spend THAT MUCH MONEY on that particular product. Thank you for this wonderful site. I've even made it my homepage!!! LOL Thank you for having the guts to do something that I might not readily do {creating this site}. I wish you much success in college!

Meg said...

Oh wow, I'm so flattered that you love the site! It means so much to me to get feedback like this and know that there are people who agree with me and appreciate what I'm doing (this sounds selfish but it really does mean a lot). But if you ever have any suggestions for me or complaints about the site or ideas for posts or questions you'd like me to answer, please feel free to e-mail me!

Thank you again for your very sweet comment, it really made my day.

Ryanne said...

Meg, You metioned your "research" activities, and as an avid celeb junkie myself I'd like to know which hollywood gossip sites you recommend...

Anonymous said...

You deserve sincere praise for publishing so many contents in such a short span.I hope you will baceome a famous blogger with the pessage of time

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, so glad I found this site... and so proud of you for ding it! Terrific job.

It was wonderful to run into you last weekend, and I'm glad things are going so well. I hope to see you around in the next few weeks...

Emily B.

Anonymous said...


I love your site even though I am (probably) your mom's age!!! You are a great blogger and a wonderful writer. I look forward to your posts and views every day and, if you don't post, I feel lost.

Because of you :)) so far I have bought Target espadrilles, Dior mascara, Oil of Olay line and Neutrogena sunscreen. I have loved every single one.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Elizabeth said...

Woo Whoo thank God for you! I love this site and was happily surprised to see that you are in the ad industry as well. Its fun, huh!! Too bad youre not a southern girl because other than that it looks like we have a lot in common! Want an awesome food site... I could list a dozen! I look forward to reading more on your blog! Good luck with the job and internship hunts, they suck! My advice is to look in the "classifieds" section of industry magazines/journals.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the title of your blog!!! LOL!

Lemme see, how did I get here? LOL! That title cracked me up so badly I've forgotten where I've been...oh, yeah! Came across your post about the missing stats on Feedburner a few minutes ago.

Anyway, title in your siggy line caught my eye...clicked expecting to read about fertility or even unregistered animals or something...WHAT A SURPRISE!!!

Love your blog, your writing, and just EVERYTHING here. Subscribing...right now! :-)

ficklefashonista said...

I love love love your website!! I too have problems finding fashion articles that aren't directed towards the super skinny or rich.

Keep it up! Your writing is witty and fabulous!

Unknown said...

I read your blog for quite a while before realizing you went to Smith. Brava on not falling into the cult of pajamas to class! My time there honed my sense of fashion and beauty, as I fought against the "apathy of appearance" that I felt permeated the college. And I've even gleaned some tips from you. Still don't feel like I can fake good breeding though!