Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekly Links

The Guardian highlights a photographer whose work investigates "modern fashion tribes," showing that people who aspire to look different often end up resembling each other. Via The Thoughtful Dresser.

The New York Times
looks at whether the media holds male and female celebrities to a double standard.

Beauty Addict
shares her expert tips for applying self-tanner.

The New York Times
explores the growing beauty trend of people forgoing shampoo.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Women's Magazines... So Little Changes in 50 Years

Do you ever pick up an issue of Cosmo, Elle, Lucky, Allure or any other women's magazine and get the feeling that you've read the content before? The same tips, tricks, photo spreads and "serious" pieces feel like they're recycled month after month, just with a new celebrity tacked on the cover.

In doing research for a paper I'm writing on feminism and women's magazines, I came across this article from a 1950 issue of the Atlantic Monthly in which British journalist Marghanita Laski complains that women's magazines simply rehash the same information each month. It's hilarious to compare her summary of the mags to the content of popular titles today, proving that very little has changed in the last 58 years.

Since I can't re-post the whole article, but here's a little excerpt. Again, you can read the full text here thanks to Google Books.

It is as much a source of amazement as of income to me that readers of the women's magazines have such an insatiable thirst for reading the same information over and over again, despite the fact that any one year's reading must inevitably give enough information about the technique of being a woman to see one through a lifetime. I have, then, no fear of spoiling the market, either for myself or others. Every subject in this symposium, given a snappy title and an angle that appeals to the editor, will still be worth a substantial fee.


The simplest are in the best taste.

Men like women to be in the best taste.

Broken Hearts:

Find a new interest.

Time cures all.

Men don't like women to ring them up.

Care of Face:

Remove old make-up with cream (dry skins), lotion (oily skins), or superfatted soap (if you must).

Then dab face with an astringent lotion.

Then pat in nourishing ream.

Blackheads are frequently due to internal causes. Drink lots of water.

Men are repelled by pimples.


Charm is an indefinable quality.
Men like it.


Choose the clothes that suit you.

You can be perfectly dressed at every income level.

Little touches of white must be immaculate.
Diagonal stripes are slimming.

Invest your all in one good little black dress (or tweed suit).

Don't go for clutter but have lots of bits and pieces that will make one outfit do the work of ten.

Men like black satin, well-cut tweeds, floating tulle, utter simplicity, and don't notice what you wear anyway.


Read good books sometimes.

Men don't like cultured women much.